Courtesy: AOAFF

From outdoor movies to free jazz festivals and avant-garde theatre at ancient venues… whatever your age, interest or appetite, Athens has a festival for you. No matter what time of year you visit.

Arts & Culture

Athens City Festival

1-31 May

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Athens Epidaurus Festival

Summer, June-August

Courtesy: Athens & Epidaurus Festival

Art Athina

Autumn, September

Courtesy: Art Athina

Summer Nostos Festival

Summer, July-August

Courtesy: SNF. Photo by Yannis Drakoulidis.

Athens Digital Arts Festival

Spring, May

Courtesy: Athens Digital Arts Festival

Onassis Fast Forward Festival

Spring, May

Courtesy: Fast Forward Festival

Music Festivals

Plisskën Festival

Summer & Winter Editions

Courtesy: Plisskën Festival

Ejekt Festival

Summer, June-July

Courtesy: Ejekt Festival

Megaron Concert Hall Garden Series

Summer, June-July

Courtesy: The Athens Concert Hall

Colour Day Festival

Summer, June

Courtesy: Colour Day Festival

Athens Jazz

Spring, May

Courtesy: Technopolis Jazz Festival

ADD Festival

Spring, May

Courtesy: ADD Festival

Release Festival

Summer, June

Courtesy: Release Festival


Athens International Film Festival - AIFF (Premiere Nights)

Autumn, September

Photo: AIFF

Athens Avant-Garde Film Festival

Winter, November-December

Courtesy: AAGFF. Photo by Vangelis Patsialos.

Panorama of European Cinema

Autumn, October-December

Courtesy: Panorama of European Cinema

Athens Open Air Film Festival

Summer, June-August

Courtesy: AOAFF. Photo by Ioannis Stefanidis.

Athens Short Film Festival

Summer, June

Good things come in small packages at this popular new event that champions the cinematic underdog known as the short movie. From non-mainstream documentaries to rousing fictional works that challenge our ideas of cinema and art, expect to see dozens of stories worth watching, submitted by filmmakers from around the world.


Food & Drink

Burger Fest

Autumn, September

Courtesy: Burger Fest

Athens Street Food Festival

Spring-Autumn, May-September

Courtesy: Athens Street Food Festival

Athens Beer Festival

Autumn, September

What do life and beer have in common? Both are best when chilled. Athens Beer Festival serves ice-cold brews of every persuasion to Athenian ale lovers. There’s no better place to explore the Athenian craft beer and micro-brewery scene.


Urban Culture

Athens International Tattoo Convention

Spring, May

Courtesy: Athens International Tattoo Convention


Autumn, November-December

Courtesy: AthensCon

Athens Retro Festival

Summer, June

Courtesy: Athens Retro Festival

Athens Science Festival

Spring, April

Courtesy: Athens Science Festival