Athens Destination Reports

Our partners at the Athens International Airport (AIA) and the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) issue periodic reports on the tourism sector.

A Note on Filming Around Athens

Athens loves to be photographed. Please keep in mind that our many archaeological sites and monuments are part of a common heritage that is protected for future generations. They are secured to prevent physical damage and their images are preserved for specifically approved uses.

Most sites require a permit be issued prior to the arrival of a crew on location. Requests to photograph or film archaeological sites and monuments with professional equipment or for commercial purposes must be made to the specific authorities responsible for maintenance and access to the site. Each authority may also review the use of such images in commercial media, including images of the Acropolis, even when those images are captured outside of gated areas.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer direct assistance with permission requests. The Hellenic Film Commission may be able to assist your inquiry about filming in Athens or offer advice on the use of images requiring permissions. It could take several months to receive a permit to film at certain sites, so please begin immediately after defining your needs.