Courtesy: Thomas Gravanis

Home to Athens’ restless creatives and Gen Z, Protogenous Street in Psirri shelters stories of love, artistry and daydreaming behind its graffitied facade.

By Alex Kavdas

Enter Protogenous Street, Athens' freshest turf.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

How to get there:

Hop off the metro at Monastiraki Metro Station and follow the signs towards Athinas Street exit. Once up the escalators, make a U-turn on your right and walk towards the back. Go down the steps and you’re on Miaouli Street, stepping on Psirri territory. Turn right and follow Miaouli for a couple hundred metres, Protogenous is the second street to your right.

First, we eat (and dance)

Feeling comfortably numb

Want to sit indoors and still be able to people-watch? Barrett says done.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Sleep on it

Have a makeover, Athens-style

Teamwork, love and eggs

Won't you stay for seconds?