Courtesy: Christos Pastalidis

An urban resort with a hint of the Orient, this waterfront suburb makes a scenic escape from the city centre. Come to explore a ritzy marina, seaside park and tasty Asia Minor cuisine.

Separated from the sea by Posidonos Avenue, Faliro was once a seaside village of fishermen, shepherds and farmers. Now its inner streets are dense with apartment blocks courtesy of the 1960s building boom. On the palm-lined promenade, play parks, an outdoor cinema and a luxe marina generate a year-round resort vibe.

Revived for the 2004 Olympics, this popular coastal suburb leans towards leisure. It may not possess the strong character of gritty Exarchia or cultured Kolonaki, but what Palio Faliro (shortened to Faliro by the locals) lacks in charisma, it makes up for with its pole position. It’s the gateway to the Athens Riviera and an easy jump off point for Piraeus and the city centre. Restaurants and cafes dot pretty, glitzy Flisvos Marina, while its beach and waterfront promenade are a quick and scenic escape from urban life. The arrival of the game-changing Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre in neighbouring Kallithea in 2016 has also helped connect the dots and bring more dash to the area.

Faliro Promenade

There's always something to point your camera at on the Faliro seaside promenade.

Photo: Thomas Gravanis

Eastern Delicacies

Park of Flisvos

Flisvos Marina makes a terrific family day out.

Photo: Christos Pastalidis

Eugenides Planetarium

Visited by more than 200,000 people per year, the planetarium, run by the Eugenides Foundation for science education, has a 950 square-metre dome, on which it screens 3D virtual trips to the galaxy, as well as IMAX movies and other shows. Some of the screenings have been dubbed into Greek, but you can buy earphones on site or bring your own, and watch the show in English.

Cultural Highlights

Water Plaza

Faliro takes centre-stage every summer when it hosts two of Athens’ most popular international music festivals — Ejekt and Release—at the big open space of Platia Nerou (literally Water Plaza). This is one of the most enjoyable spots in the city to catch global headliners such as The Killers to the Beastie Boys, along with smaller concerts and local bands. Next to the Olympic Tae Kwon Do stadium, it’s easy to get to by tram or bus and you’re just steps from the water. Watching the sun sink into the sea or the moon rise high above the stage, the concert can feel like an added bonus.

Catch an open-air act by the sea at Platia Nerou.

Courtesy: Release Festival Athens