Courtesy: Orestis Seferoglou

One of Athens’ most relaxed turfs, where old-city elegance meets today’s artistic creativity in a welcoming, multicultural setting.

Different age and ethnic groups meet in Kypseli.

Photo: Orestis Seferoglou

Victoria Station is the nearest train station to Kypseli.

Photo: Orestis Seferoglou

Patission Avenue (28is Oktovriou Street)

This main artery connects the area of Patissia (once at the city’s edge) with the city centre. In the 1960s, it was one of Athens’ most upscale shopping avenues. Patission was designed so as to perfectly align with the Parthenon, because Athens’s 19th-century urban planners wanted it to lead straight to a palace that eventually never got built. To get to Kypseli, you can take the train to Victoria Station (named after the renowned British monarch and a great example of the Art Deco architectural style) and walk for a few minutes north along Patission Avenue. You’ll walk past some impressive post-war apartment buildings along the way that offer some very Athenian snapshot opportunities.

Fokionos Negri Street

St. George’s Square

Platia Protomagias

Pedion tou Areos