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Wine drinking has been part of Greek culture for 6,500 years and it’s still going strong. Our Greek wines and spirits expert shares some of her favourite wine bars in the city.

By Denny Kallivoka


Heteroclito is undeniably one of the best places in Athens for a glass of wine.

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Junior Does Wine

By the Glass

You'll have over 200 wines to pick from at By the Glass.

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Wine geeks are going to love Warehouse's wine selection.

Photo: Orestis Seferoglou


Oinoscent was one of the first wine bars in the city, and it's still going strong.

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If you're in Pireaus, don't skip out on Paleo.

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Wine Point

Go to Wine Point for a glass of wine after an afternoon of exploring the Acropolis Museum.

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Materia Prima

Each week at Materia Prima brings a whole new selection of wines.

Courtesy: Materia Prima